Deep Blue in Niseko!

Photos by Yukihiro Hiro Takahashi

Why does the nature do such tricks even in its harsh behavior ?

Niseko area is getting fame for its high quality powder snow and various kinds of activities that allure the tourists all the year round.

Bit it may be difficult to take such photos for the visitors. Only the residents in Niseko area may be able to do this.

The contrast of deep blue sky and white snow of coquettish, amorous and voluptuous shape? is the fruit of the wind, snow and the flora in Niseko area.

Can you imagine to draw the line with ski or snow board on the white hillside of mountains with no loci ?
This year is the year of the snake. It is said that the year is good for producing and saving money. White snake is much luckier than normal snake. Is it like the embodiment of white snake?

I hope the photos bring the fortune to the viewer of this site !

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