Shiretokoon January 1, 2013!

by Kazu

It was so fine that  we hit the road again to Shiretoko Peninsula on January 1 of 2013.
Mt. Shari(dake) could be seen from Koshimizu Town on our way to Shiretoko. Covered with white snow, the hillside showed the beautiful contrast of the sun and shade.  Its peak is at the altitude of 1,547 meters.
Mt. Shari(dake) was called "Onne-nupuri" by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu. "Shari " means "reedy marsh".
Its ridge lines were much clearer than in summer and autumn. It has three route to approach the peak  and the lodge named Seigaku-sou at the entrance of the trail. The route from Kiyosato Town side is the most popular approach to the peak.

Mt. Onnebetsu(dake) was also covered with snow and looked mild than Mt.Shari(dake).  
 Mt. Onnebetsu(dake) is 1,330.2 in altitude and has no trail to reach the peak. For the altitude, it may be tough to conquer the top.
It seems that the slope is so nice for mountain skiing but no ski Gelande has not been developed on the hillside of the mountain.
Does it look so good for snow shoing and skiing?
I will post the photos of Shiretoko area tomorrow.

Besides, are there any coupon that can be available in Malaysia and can be purchased in Japan, Fatinnadiah ? To send cash in the envelope is to risky, isn't it?


  1. Ya...! Uhm~ Maybe yes or not. I hope it's not risky. :)

  2. where can we asking online? you have twitter?