Public bath in Kawayu Onsen!

 by Kazu

This is one of my favorite hot spring bath in Hokkaido. It may be difficult for tourists to find this bath in the town of hot spring. It is better to say the tourists pay no attention to this public bath because the hotels around this area have enough excellent and sophisticated spa in house.
If you could find the sign shown above, you may be lucky enough to experience the highest quality of hot spring water and ease the pain.

Some people may recognize this building as a ruin not in use.

But the connoisseurs of hot spring bath including my wife strongly recommend this public bath.
Only one senior lady is at the reception of this building and she kindly keep our valuables at her feet because no safe for valuables are equipped in the locker room.
 Please go to washroom before taking off your clothes because it does not have one in the locker room.
Hot water bulbs are so limited that if it was swamped by many tourists, they felt inconvenience despite the superb quality of the hot spring.
Fortunately,  I have not seen many people in this bath and I always soak myself in the bath tub very comfortably.  
Two bath tubs are in the bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom for males, left hand side is the original pure hot spring water which is transparent but smells like camphor or sulfur. Right hand side is the pure hot water for the rest.

Precisely speaking, the pure hot spring water is so strong that it is so difficult to soak in for a long time and it is necessary to soak in the pure hot water and have a rest constantly.  
You may feel the pure hot spring water is penetrating your body. I have not seen the people hanging out in this building. I suppose everybody who soaked in the bath need to have an enough rest on the bed. Again, this hot spring water is so strong that you feel clearly the difference between before and after.  
Too long soaking in this hot spring bath is not prohibited but not recommended. Please have an enough rest after using this bath if you tried !

This is not the right answer to the quiz for January;)

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