Shinjo area in Ashibetsu City!

by Kazu

To be honest, I prefer cross-country skiing to snow-shoeing, and prefer downhill-skiing to cross-country.

But exploring to white field play a big part in strengthen my heart and body in winter. We human beings do not have to do such things and to conquer the peak of the mountains in winter albeit many people got lost in the winter mountains. Some were saved and some were lost their lives. Somebody invisible invited them to the mountains ?  
Why do the people climb the mountains in winter ? Do they want to face the possible death or stand on the border between living daylights and the darkness of death?

What is the reason to take such risk ? At the risk of losing their lives, what can they obtain in the mountain?

Beautiful scenery might have grabbed their heart and invited them to the core part that can not be seen without taking risks.  But such beautiful world on the right that moves us  may be existing much nearer than we imagine.  

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