Mountains in Shiretoko Peninsula !

 by Kazu

These angle of the photos are much better than taking from the land, aren't they?
These kinds of photos can not be taken in other seasons.
 From the east of Shiretoko Peninsula, from the left on the photo, Mt.shiretoko(dake) 1,254 meters in altitude, another Mt. Sulfur 1,562 meters and Mt.Rausu(dake) 1,660 meters. I've never heard about the climbers of these mountains in winter. Those mountains are not so high but it must be too tough to conquer the peaks in so cold winter.
I took this photo from the port of Utoro area.
Almost no tourists nor fishermen at the port.
On the first day of 2013, Shiretoko area seemed sleepy except for the hotels that accommodated many tourists from other part on this globe.
 Drift ice had not reached the coast of Shiretoko Peninsula on that day but was recognized on the horizon from Monbetsu City and Abashiri City a few days ago. If it reached the east coast Hokkaido, the temperature would nose dive to minus 20 degrees in Celsius.
The color of the ocean around Shiretoko Peninsula is dark green in winter and it looks to refuse the human beings or absorb everything on the land. But the fact is that it has much fertility and nurtures various kinds of creatures in it.
Particularly, drift ice brings a lot of minerals and nutrition. And the waves give enough air including oxygen to the water and creatures under the sea.
After the drift ice reached the coast and the surface got stable, scuba diving under the drift ice can be enjoyable. The small angels in the sea, Cliones can be found so easily that you may be surprised at what you see actually in the sea and many kinds of creatures under the drift ice.
Needless to say, As it is very cold in the sea and under the drift ice albeit you will not be fed up with the scenery in the sea, you have to soak yourself in the hot spring bath Onsen in Utoro area as soon as possible after diving.
Even in summer, the temperature of the water is below fifteen degrees in Celsius though I swam in 2005.
Would you try to swim in summer without wet suit ? I do not recommend that for your safety. But many jellyfish sparkling in the sea can be seen in the water, to boot;)

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