Asahi Bridge in Asahikawa City!

by Gen,
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

I am not an architect but love the shape of this bridge in Asahikawa City. The name of the bridge is Asahi-bashi. Its voluptuous line of the bridge has been the landmark of the citizens.
Many people walk along the river watching these curves.
The citizens are also annoyed by heavy snow in winter but the coldness might beat the amount of snow fallen in the city.
These ladder-like bars reinforce the bridge and almost no snow fall from the bars. I do not know who designed the bridge. If anybody knows the designer, please post the name on this blog site.
This photo was taken in spring. Longing for spring, I take off the snow on my car. How much snow has fallen in your region, guys?
Affected by the reduction of public works, each municipality, Hokkaido Government and the branches of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism run out of trucks to convey the snow albeit they have enough rotary car to load the snow on the trucks.
I prefer milder winter!