My hometown Kitami City!

 by Kazu

Can it be a hint of the quiz for January, 2013?

I think I've introduce the my home sunshine city, Kitami before in summer.
But in winter, I remember I experienced minus 30 degrees in Celsius in my high

school age. Many sparrow fell down from the trees because of the coldness.  The city is proud of the longest daylight hours in a year and can be said to be the pioneer of the solar power generating system.
I introduced my home town before when I picked up the green house on the hillside of the north end of the hollow where the city has flourished. 
It is my jogging course in my home town. It may be look like the orienteering course but it is my favorite and toughest jogging course in Hokkaido. So many wild lives can be seen in this area.
Actually many footprint of them were seen on the day.
Very calm but surely some wild  
animals were breathing in this forest at minus
 10 degree in Celsius.  I do not recommend to walk around this path without enough experience to trek in the snow without lighting. The trees and the snow invite you to the unknown world which leads to the world of invisible existence, I think.I can not understand the mind of people who climb the high mountains and as a result ask for public help in winter. Why in winter? Many p0eople who lost their lives invite the people who love the mountains where the risk of conquering the top should be recognized enough to save the living lives. Am I wrong? 

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