Penguin Swimming in Asahiyama Zoo !

by Gen,
 Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Something is wrong with this photo, isn't it?

No, this photo was taken from under the water in the pool. Precisely speaking, from the window in the pool. Asahiyama Zoo is the pioneer to have tried to show the natural behavior of animals in its premises.
The visitors can walk through the tunnel made of thick glass under the water and can see such a belly of penguin like flying.
We can not outstrip penguins in swimming in the water albeit can do it in walking on the ground. But we human beings do not walk 100 km to eat culinary delight and feed the kids on a regular basis as emperor penguins do.  
What are you seeing from the pool ?
When do you feel happiness in the zoo ?

It may not be our question to penguins. It may be the question from penguin to us human beings;)


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