The Roadside Station in Aioi and Kuma-yaki !

by  Chis.

Precisely speaking, the road side station is called "Aioi Railway Park" in Japanese.
Some trains and a stem locomotive are exhibited in front of the former railway station and were used as the accommodation for riders.
So sweet red-beans paste is inside these "Kuma-Yaki" that means baked confection in the shape of bears.
Can you find that the motif is bear ?
These are a brown bear and a white bear.
The sign seemed to be renewed recently and the bears confections might have to be added as the symbol.
This is the former railway station used as the terminal to carry out the quality wood logs collected locally.
Some riders were still sleeping in the train. I am not sure if there is a hot spring bath around here or not.
I am so sorry. Two kinds of "Kuma-Yaki" can be savored at this roadside station. Custard cream and sweet red-beans paste can be selected.
This is red-beans paste bear;)

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