The Lunch and Spa in Tsuruga Resort Akan ② !

by Chis.
This is my choice for the first helping . Veggies should be taken at first.
Fried Japanese smelt accompanied with the veggies.
The vichyssoise was not so smooth on my tongue and the cold soup should be strained a little bit more, I thought.

This green cold soup was made from the soy beans. I preferred this soup to the vichyssoise above.
The center table with a fire place was not reserved but it seemed to be occupied after other tables were filled with guests.
The second helping consisted of grilled chicken and kidney beans, fried seafood, gratin, salami sausage, roasted beef and cheese.
The sweets were waiting for their turn in the kitchen. The management of the organization tends to be worse as it grow bigger than before rapidly. I crossed my fingers and toes praying for the sustainable well management with hospitality.
The fresh strawberry with ice cream allured many people at the dessert booth.
Needless to say, they were sourced locally and showed the power of the land.
I could not help taking the chocolate parfait after savoring strawberry parfait.
The quality ice cream was so nice to wrap up the lunch .

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