Shrimp Taste Noodle Soup "Ichigen 一幻" in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

Please check out the over view of the ramen restaurant at  http://www.ebisoba.com/shop-honten.htm

The name of the ramen restaurant is "Ichigen 一幻". It has the branch at the New Chitose International Airport.
The base of the flavor of the soup is shrimp broth. The red topping seems to be the crisp flakes of shrimp meat and shell.
Thanks to the SNS and the fame of the taste, so many repeaters and the new comers swamp to the restaurant every day.
The owner of the restaurant group really appreciate the support by the people on its web page shown above,
He promises to exert his best effort to provide the real delicious ramen noodle soup and asks to expect their best performance on the web. They extend their best wishes and are waiting for the would-be new supporters and the clients. This is the translation of their description on the web.

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