"The Guide Rouge Recommends " again !

by Chis.

Mt. Akan Fuji and Lake Akan could be seen from the buffet restaurant of Tsuruga Resort. Again the URL of the resort is
I can not remember if these sculptures of indigenous gentlemen was placed at the entrance of the hotel or not when I visited last year. The attire is for a certain ritual of their tribe. The huge striped owl called " Ezo Shima Fukurou" in Japanese has been worshiped as one of the deities by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu and they devote their dance to the deities.
These sculptures of the indigenous people invited us to the world of deities at the entrance of the hotel. These sculptures might be the new works born recently.
This sculpture like a totem pole in North America welcomed us as usual the the center of the entrance with the bright rings.
The wooden bears seemed to be as they were before but I am not sure they can continue to be. The stalk bodies of brown bears in Hokkaido were expressed with the wood so nicely.
The wood carvings of brown bears were introduced as souvenirs of Hokkaido in order to increase the income of farmers and indigenous people in Hokkaido. I have never seen this grade and size before.
This wooden model of traditional ship of indigenous people might be a little bit more decorative than the real but the function of each part was well-expressed.  
The textile was for the deities of the forest or leader of the tribe. The contrast of ivory, black and red gave the dignity to the  altar for the ritual.
It was on May 4. A set of Japanese traditional armor for samurai was exhibited in the foyer .

To be continued.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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