The Flower Paradise in Kitami City !

by Kazu

Every time we visit the graveyard where the souls of my ancestors are sleeping, we drop by "The Flower Paradise" of Kitami City.
To be honest,  it had been a boring place In my infancy because boys prefer animals to plants except for that producing fruits to eat.  
Yes, we were more interested in fauna than flora.
But the place turned to be the venue of the comfort after greeting with my ancestors.
The imperial family of Japan, His Excellency Mikasanomiya seemed to have visited here many years ago.
This is the tree he planted on top of the hill.
The flower gardens on top of the hill was well-treated and the plants in the garden seemed to be waiting for their turn to flourish.
Other kinds of plants were also starting to bloom in the bush.
I was surprised at the height of the hill because it was much lower than I imagined. It was 212 meters high.
The peak of the flower season in the garden will be a week later.
The cherry blossoms were the starter of the flower season in Hokkaido. In other areas of Japan, it is said that the Japanese apricot is the starter of spring.
Without green leaves on their branches, pink cherry blossoms made the scenery like a dream or illusion.
Azaleas were also blooming under the cherry trees.
The mixture of the aroma of flowers and blossoms were so sweet that I could not help thinking about the taste of the cherry fruit albeit these cherry trees could not bear the edible fruit.
Every time I visit my hometown and greet my ancestors, I am so relieved to see the beautiful and inspiring scenery of the sleepy hollow.
My father, mother, grand dad and mom are sleeping near here and I hope that these beautiful flowers and blossoms ease the pain and concerns of the souls.
The scenery of my hometown is changing but the smell of the smell of the air is almost the same except for that brought by the beetles that boys are crazy for.

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