"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ⑤ !

by Chis.

I  stopped by this sculpture of an owl for a while.  What do you feel from the powerful flap of the owl ?

This Blakiston's fish owl grabbed my heart and the title was 「獲」 which means "hunt" in Japanese.
It seemed that the owl had already caught a salmon.
Is this a girl with a coat ?
Please do not think but just feel the wind she is feeling.
Two females seem to split their way but they are still connected by something.
Mother and her kid ?
I felt a plenty of love and comfort in this sculpture.
A female with a hat seemed to be blown by the chilly breeze in the garden of deities, "Kamui Mintara" in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu.
Loneliness in a journey that will never stop ?
The wind is blowing from Akan area of Hokkaido where the deities are romping around..
The title is the same as the one posted above but this is much more realistic.
Raising kids is the theme of Japan including Hokkaido. Matching party should be held more and more particularly in the rural area of Hokkaido !

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