The Lunch and Spa in Tsuruga Resort Akan !

by Chis.

We came here and had the buffet again !
The lunch and spa of Hotel Tsuruga which is the flag ship and headquarters of the group that had tough time because of the price beating in the bulk tourism.
The value -added tourism seemed to be here to stay and the dishes of the lunch were so nice but it is difficult to keep the real fresh  hospitality in the hotels that are so popular that the staff members tend to sit on the laurel.
The hoteliers should be paranoids that sick with the hospitality and the governance system because "Only paranoids can survive in the cutting-throat business world."
Needless to say the quality of the cuisine should be kept high to continue to allure tourists but furthermore, the attitude and the hospitality the hotel staff show should be heartfelt and kept high as well as the quality of the cuisine.
I checked the taste of the dishes as well as how the hotel staff treated us on the day;)

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