"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ②!

by Chis.

We were heading to the spa in the original building of Hotel Tsuruga that has the Lake-View Roof Spa Garden on the top.
I would like to know how much money the resort group spent on the wood-carvings to play upthe culture and atmosphere of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
The design of water flows brought us comfort with minus ion.
All the settings were designed to ease the pain brought by the cutting-throat, dog-eat-dog business world.  
The withered wood had aged in the water of the lake for years and is currently exhibited as an object in the display.
This display seemed to be an altar in the cave to worship the deities in Hokkaido.
The souvenir shops were filled with the crafts made by the indigenous people Ainu. Original key-holders made for the guests of Tsuruga Resort.
"Korobockle" is a kind of fairy in the myth of Ainu people. They are considered one of the deities in Hokkaido shaped like small people with Ainu's attire.
These are the typical key-holder with wood-carving of Ainu dolls.
It can be said that these are the symbol of Akan National Park Area including Lake Akan. Yes, these are Marimo
(Cladophora ball, Lake ball, Moss Ball). They float up in daytime and sink in the evening in the lake.

To be continued.

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