Akan National Park !

by Chis.

Chilly breeze was blowing in Akan National Park. On our way to Akan from Kitami City, the beautiful Konide of Mt. Akan Fuji could be seen with its hillside partially covered with snow.  
The dents on the hillside of other mountains were also covered with snow and those beautiful stripes were made for the first visitors at the beginning of the season of tourism in Hokkaido.
So-called "Onsen Gai" in Japanese which is like the downtown filled with souvenir shops seems to be more flourished than before.
I think "bulk tourism" spoils the tourism itself and the industry. Private individual tourism that seems to be "in " nowadays would bring another peaks of tourism for next decades, I think because "value added" must be the priority for the states of tourism.
My hubby visited this area again and again in his life but he said that he had never seen such flourish of the town before albeit this area had been much more flourished before his birth.
The flourish comes and goes away like a pendulum but our life style  in Japan must be what the visitors from other countries would like to experience and soak in, I think;)

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