"Ikkon-ya" in Kitami City ② !

by Kazu

It got dark while we were having dinner and drink. The sigh of the "izakaya" beside the route 39 in Kitami City looked brighter than in the daylight.
Approximately 6 liters of beer were consumed and disappeared into the air.
This is the huge grilled aubergine topped with fermented soy beans paste called miso in Japanese. The green veggies is a Shishito pepper grilled.
Chinese dumpling Chaozu, "Gyoza" in Japanese was well-done but juicy with crisp wing .

The dinner was wrapped up with the memorial photo taken by the kind maitre D'.
The fire pot of chitterlings with veggies really worked and filled us vim and vigor.
If you have a chance to visit and stay in Kitami City, I strongly recommend to try the izakaya but I also recommend to have a reservation beforehand.
It was so comfy to have culinary delights and well-prepared drink in this place.
Have a nice weekend !
Would you head to the eastern part of Hokkaido ?

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