"Kamui-no-yu" on top of the Dormy Inn in Asahikawa !

by Kazu

A bunch of Japanese citrus "Hassaku" fruit was in the bath tub on top of Dormy Inn Asahikawa. The slight aroma of Hassaku .
We Japanese have the custom to soak our body in the bath tub in which another Japanese citrus "Yuzu" is floating on December 21 that has the shortest daytime in a year.
The custom is said to start in Edo Era. Some public baths provide this service gratis because it is also said that if you soak your body in the Yuzu bath, you won't have a cold for a year.
Originally, the yuzu should be sliced and floated in the bath tub. We are not sure the connection between yuzu and December 21 but the custom started after the public bath service started. December 21, the day of shortest daytime called "Touji 冬至" in Japanese and curing with bathing particularly in hot spring bath is also "Touji 湯治". The beginning of the custom might be a pun in Edo Era. Another thesis is that if you stay fit or full of vim and vigor, you can be flexible to all that is translated to "Yuzu ga kiku" in Japanese.

This is cold water bath tub for the use of sauna near the entrance of the bath.
The bath tub inside is filled with soft hot water made by taking off the minerals in the water completely. With the soft hot water, it is so easy to make bubbles with a small amount of shampoo or soap.
Outsides bath is filled with hot spring water and one of them contains a bunch of the citrus.
It is so nice to enjoy bathing early in the morning after jogging !
From the locker room, the small stone garden can be seen and some guests use this space to cool down their bodies.

The outside of the hotel is like this photos. Some Taiwanese couples could be seen in the restaurant. Private individual tour arranged by each tourists is "in" even in Taiwan, I think.
Dormy Inn is in the same hotel group with La Vista.
The massage staff of this "inn" has the highest degrees of skill to give us the bests balance and the flexibility of our body. Massage in Dormy Inn Asahikawa  is better than that in Obihiro, I think.

  The URL of the inn is http://www.hotespa.net/hotels/asahikawa/

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