"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ④ !

by Chis.

This sculpture of an owl has the pattern like crests on its body and wings.
Is it completely symmetry ?
The motif is absolutely "Ezo Shima Fukurou", striped huge owl in Hokkaido but the pattern on the surface is like the crest that shows which family the person who wears the crest belongs to.  
This owl is different from the striped huge owl in Hokkaido and like the smaller owl "Mimizuku".
Two girls seem to be praying for something in the wind.
Every sculpture of female with hair blown by wind might be show the deity of wind, RERA in the language of the indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu.
Can you see the freedom of females in these sculptures ?
Praying for the family and feeling the voice of deities may be the role given to the females.
This lady seems to be wear the typical traditional attire of Ainu and the features are like that of Ainu like Caucasian.
Were you impressed by these sculptures ?  

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