Souunkyou Area in Daisetsu National Park !

by Kazu

We were heading to Kitami City,my hometown from Asahikawa City. On our way to Kitami, we dropped by Sounkyou Area where a variety of beautiful waterfalls and
various kinds of columnar joints could be seen.
The white peaks of mountains in Daisetsuzan National Park could be seen ahead.
On the right is "the Shooting Star Water Fall" called "Ryusei-no-Taki" in Japanese that I posted and explained before. Yes, that was when my host mom and dad in Albuquerque, NM visited us last year.
The symphony composed by the sound of the waterfalls and the reflection from the columnar joints was so impressive and it struck the chord of our hearts.

Visitors can find other smaller waterfalls on this side of the parking area.
This is "the Galaxy Waterfall" called Ginga-no-Taki in Japanese. The curves of the water flow is said to show the female's body.
Ginga-no-Taki seemed to be much bigger than Ryusei-no-Taki which is called "Male Waterfall" but the sound of the waterfall from the Shooting Star is louder than that of the Galaxy.
The trails along the river was so nice to walk and the smell of the breathing from the spruce was so inspiring like that of deities in Hokkaido.
Needless to say the white water is so cold and nobody step into the water flow even in summer.
At the foot of the water fall, the white water flow was going through the woods and rocks.
I do not think it is allowed to fish in this river because this is in the national park but I've never seen some fish in this white river.
Salmon ? Trout ? Various kinds of creatures must be in this river.
The season of trekking has begun !
But please be careful and well-prepared when you climb the mountains and try to conquer the peaks !
Have great jaunts in Hokkaido !

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