"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ③ !

by Chis.

Based on the description on the board, all the wood-carvings were made by Mr. Masamitsu Takiguchi.
The foyer of the hotel was used as the gallery of his works.
Mr. Takiguchi was born in Manchuria in 1941. At the age of three, he lost his hearings when he suffered from the high fever brought by pneumonia.
He graduated from Tokyo University of Education affiliated by Hearing Impaired High School.
He received the Lipreading Award from Tokyo University of Education Professor Emeritus, Dr. Shinichiro Tomonaga.  
Since the age of 28, he took up residence in the Lake Akan Area and he devoted himself to wood engraving. His private exhibitions have been held in cities such us Kushiro, Sapporo, Chiva and Tokyo.
He has donated his wooden relief works to Akanko elementary School, Kushiro City Museum and Lake Akan Visitor Center.
He bore many works titled "A female in northern Country".
This is one of them.

Inspired by the deities and the nature of Akan area, his works impressed me as the works of winds.
"Hat" is the title of this wood-carving.
I felt the freedom of deities romping around the mountains and lakes in Akan area.
What do you feel from these engravings ?

To be continued.

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