Jogging around Asahikawa Railway Station !

by Kazu

This bridge over Chuubetsu River was built recently. The public work was finished in October, 2013.
Yes, last year.
It is designated as my favorite jogging course in Asahikawa City.
The riverside is not so huge as that of Tokachi River in Obihiro City but the wind brought by the water flow was so nice.
The river and the bridge is located on the southern side of the railway and near the bar-hopping area.
the plate shows that the work was finished on October,2013.
This river flow is form the center part of Hokkaido Island, Daisetsu-zan Area.
The traffic on the bridge was not so much early in the morning and I could not believe that this road was through the bar -hopping area in Asahikawa City.
The back side of Asahikawa Railway Station was facing the river .
The embankment along the river looked not so high compared to the width of the river.
Is it the sate-of-the-art technology of Japan ?

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