Invited by the forest in Kitami City ① !

by Chis.

Azalea blossoms were blooming in the garden of my hubby's aunt's house.
Pink and white azalea blossoms were in full flourish
The whites remind me of the snow we saw until the end of April around us but the wonderful aroma of them bring me back to the beginning of lives of variety.
My hubby enjoys this scenery every morning while I am sleeping early in the morning during our stay in his hometown Kitami City.
The photos my hubby posted a few days ago were taken on top of the hill on the opposite side of this hollow. Wakamatsu Ski Gelande can be seen over the hill.
A stump of a spruce had a dent at the center of the face that this tree had cut down.
Some buds were starting to extend their small and thin trunk into the air.
Small buds grow big and will be cut down. in the forest. That is the way the forests are kept fresh and sound. The forestry in Japan should be contemplated again and well-organized.
It is so windy and a little bit rainy in Sapporo today. How is it in your town ?