"Ikkon-ya" in Kitami City !

by Kazu

It seemed to be the most popular and competitive bistro in Kitami City,
The name is "Ikkon-ya" which means the glass of drink in Japanese.
It is beside the route 39 in the western part of the city.
The taste of the entrance was that of Japanese rural area but much sophisticated in a sense.
Various kinds of party menus were posted in front of the entrance. It needed part-time workers
I strongly recommend to have a reservation to enjoy the cuisine, service and the interior of the bistro enough.
The protagonist of the course  was fire-pot of chitterlings.
Other than that, the starter was the salad of steamed chicken and chopped burdock followed by the delicious sushi-grade row fish in the season.
Chinese dumpling "Chaozu" made of the pork sourced from Ishikari Area, fried chicken wing and the ramen noodle to put in the pot and to wrap up the dinner followed.
The fire pot of chitterlings was accompanied with cabbage, Oriental garlic and soy beans curd. So healthy and nutritious it was !
On top of that, the collagen contained in the intestine made our skin so smooth, sleek and soft.

The interiors of the bistro were all in good taste and I believe the expats would also be interested in and take the essence to their lives as a twist.
Details of the bistro can be seen at  http://ikkonya.jp/
Movie film is used to introduce it !

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