Invited by the forest in Kitami City ② !

by Chis.

I kept track of my hubby in the morning. Why he visited here every morning during our stay in his hometown Kitami City.
I could not find anything that seemed to interest him so much.
He invited me to his daily jogging course before and I followed him in the evening in Sapporo City but in Kitami, he has not invited me so far because the course in Kitami City was much longer and harder than usual course in Sapporo City.
Something moved in the bush ! Bt I could not find the creature or  something in my sight.
The trees of golden bell flowers and cherry blossoms were blooming along the trail on the hillside.
I headed to the Stone Garden stepping on the compiled leaves on the ground. I heard about it from my hubby but I was wondering if there was the garden in the forest.
The roofs of the uptown houses in the city could be seen even from the trail but I was scared by the sound the wind or something made in the forest..
I  came from the left and would go to the right. So far, nothing interesting could be found but the smell of the breathing by the trees was so nice to inhale for inspiring myself after the long winter.
To be continued.

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