Season of Cherry Blossoms !

by Kazu

I have been waiting for this season of beautiful pink that shows the beautiful flare of female's enthusiasm.
 The cherry blossoms on the premises of Hokkaido University are fully blooming under the sunshine of spring.
The contrast of northern blue sky and the pink cherry blossoms is so nice and makes me feel the power of lives that inspires us enough.
 This cherry tree has comparatively pale pink blossoms. The aroma of the cherry blossoms reminds me of the Potomac River that has the same kinds of cherry trees that were sent from Japan.
The United States of America and Japan experienced so sad history after those cherry trees were presented. The sneak attack was conducted before the declaration of war by Japan. It is said that the neglect of duty committed by the ambassador and the diplomats in Washington, D.C. was because of the farewell party for one of the colleagues.
 Should they cut their belly at the bank of Potomac River ? It is a great pity that the neglect brought us Japanese the notorious label of sneak attack. But I think if the smallest country on this globe was in the situation that Japan was facing, it had to give an effective bite to even the biggest country on this globe.
We Japanese have to learn from the history but we are not allowed to teach our own right history because the education in our country was annihilated after World War Ⅱ. It is the time to re-establish our own education of history to learn from the past and to never live in dishonor because only the winner of the war can assert "the made-up fact";)

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