Yukinko, Fairy Snow in Numata Town!


Yukinko, Fairy Snow is made of  rice powder, flour  and sweet red beans paste. It is produced by Chambers and commerce of Numata Town and made by Kawashima Kashiho(patisserie). Numata Town is the trail blazer as well as Bibai City with regard to making use of snow to preserve veggies
and crops and to cool down the computers.
Aerial ski jump competition is held in Numata Town even in summer making use of snow collected in winter.    
As one of the ingredients of this Yukinko, Fairy Snow, rice preserved in warehouse that use tons of snow to cool down the
 temperature inside. Then a fatal bite was given to this pretty character.  

The white part is very soft and moisturized with the good smell of rice. It is recommended to bake it in oven toaster  and make the surface crispy.
Do you think it should be coloured with
organic and natural paint by kids who eat
this sweet?  Some kinds of twist should be
 thought out andded to this product, I think.
 What do you think about it? 

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