Yakiniku Seiyou-ken 精養軒 in Iwamizawa !

by Kazu

Seiyou-ken may be the most sophisticated BBQ Yakiniku restaurant in Iwamizawa City. Details are at
 http://seiyouken.moo.jp/top.html  but it is written only in Japanese, unfortunately. My division threw a year end party in this restaurant on December 18(Tue.). Every staff was so happy with plenty of beer and the art of meat at the night.                  
 The building of the restaurant looked so huge for a mere BBQ restaurant. It has a high roof and wide space to sit back and relax.The window of glass block. Bright lighting is so attractive in this dark area of the city.
I proposed a toast at the beginning of the year end party. My younger staff were so eager to eat the high quality soft beef sourced locally that I gave them my plate of meat.  

The appetizer was pickled veggies and the lotus root was pickled with blue berry. Berdock, sprout, and radish played the role of appetizing enough with pints of beer.
For the parties that select the party course, the menu and the explanation about the meat served in the party are printed and delivered to each table with the name of the host of the party.
Main dishes were served on each table and the yum yum smell filled the room of the party.
High quality meat matches with the high quality rice produced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
 Intestine of the bull is well treated and flavoured with special sauce made of fruit and veggies. Tongue, sirloin, rib, tenderloin, rack of lamb, everything was so nice and tasty with its art of treating meat.Supreme job!  Can you imagine the taste of the grilled beef in this restaurant?
I think his face explains enough how delicious the meat is. He is very happy having enough beer, bowls of rice and the supreme beef in this restaurant.
As a result, the beef on my plate and
a bowl of rice went into his stomach. I was also very happy to see his face filled with delight and happiness.
I have to go to this BBQ restaurant again to savor enough the supreme beef with my wife. I love this photo so much and it is my best photo of this year.
Happy merry Christmas to you all!

Address :〒068-0003
焼肉・成吉思汗・朝鮮料理の店 精養軒(東1丁目店)
Tel :0126-22-9222
定休日:毎週火曜日Closed on Tuesday


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