Munich Festival in Sapporo City!

by Kazu

Munich Festival is held in Odori area of Sapporo City. Many stands and vendors were set up at 2 chome, 3 chome of Odori area.
Something like Tirolean or German taste can be felt in this venue of the festival.
Is it like the street of Munich,Alan?
Before Christmas, this festival may be good tool to raise the enthusiasm of Christmas gradually.
Mascot character of Hokkaido called Kyun-chan is very popular with kids wherever the events are held. The motif is small woodchuck called Ezo-Nakiusagi which is designated as a national heritage of Japan in Hokkaido.
A German town emerged in front of TV Tower of Sapporo City. Everybody can enjoy high-quality beer and hot wine, walking trough the small street swamped by many citizens of Sapporo City, other cities and towns around Sapporo.
I've never seen the real Munchen Christmas in Munich but really enjoyed Christmas in Ottawa of Canada, Copenhagen of Denmark and Malmo of Sweden. Each town has its peculiar atmosphere of Christmas. What do you feel in Sapporo City on Christmas ?

I am very familiar with this kind of craft made of red hot chili in Albuquerque, NM. Is it popular in European countries?
Needless to say, this is the booth of Russia.
Матрёшка dolls are sold in the booth.
The house of sweet ?
"Hänsel und Gretel" was written by Bruder (Brother) Grimm in Germany. I could eat up one house of sweet today if I had.
"Hexenhaus" means Witch's house. The house below is 10,500 Japanese yen. I am very interested in how many Hexenhaus were sold in the festival. Should I buy one for the winner of the quiz in December?  No, the present will be "Pan Forte" made by "Food Palette
 a.i.u.e.o" in Nanporo Town. The quiz is coming soon!

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