Diner "Fuji-en" in Shintotsukawa Town!

by Kazu

One coin lunch diner "Fujien" is at the roadside of Route 275 in Shintotsukawa Town. Every lunch-set menu costs 500 Japanese Yen. It offers hors-d'oeuvre for year end dinner for 7,000 Japanese yen or more.
It seems that the staff of the town hall uses the diner frequently.  
I chose "Stamina Don" which contains sauteed beef and onion. The surface is covered with melted cheese that keeps the bowl hot and tasty. It was so hot that it took long time
 to eat up the bowl.

It should be tried by the people who visit the town, I think. Pickled Chinese lettuceand radish were also nice to have. To be honest, I prefer more strong flavour and twist but it is the best taste for ordinary people. Have a great holidays!

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