Sapporo White City 2!

by Kazu

Very soft and large flakes of snow were falling down from the sky and decorated the trees around my condominium in Sapporo City completely last night. The temperature outside is not so cold 0 degree in Celsius  this morning. I am not sure if there are some person who are nauseous when they see the white scenery but I love trees decorated with white snow. Like it or not, the snow covers all the existence on the ground equally. It hides your footprints, cars and corpse.  
The season of deer hunting has begun. I am wondering if deer hunting can be a new attraction for the tourists from the overseas such as Australia, North America and Europe where hunting is built in the culture and history. Nobody enters the forest in winter except for the hunters in Hokkaido.
Should we try to make it real to cull the number of deers in Hokkaido? What do you think about it?