Gatatan in Ashibetsu again !

by Kazu

As I posted before, "GATATAN" means that it contains various kinds of in ingredients that allure people.
This package of GATATAN ramen noodle soup is sold in the roadside station in Asibetsu City.
GATATAN noodle soup can be savored in the restaurant of the roadside station as well as GATATAN Chinese fried rice.
The seafood in GATATAN Chinese fried rice gives the dish a fertile taste and the soup is thicken with flour. The rice is covered with fried egg like an omelette. This is the original plain type of GATATAN Chinese fried rice. Kochu-jan, Korean traditional spice paste can be added, if you want to. The thickened soup can keep the dish and itself hot and tasty for a while and warm up your body. it is the best season to savor the gift of the culture flourished in coalmine area. 
I've not tried GATATAN ramen noodle soup yet but I think I prefer this Chinese fried rice version of GATATAN soup. GATATAN package shown above can be purchased in each roadside station in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. It has been loved by coalmine workers in Ashibetsu City and adjacent cities and towns in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. Would you try the source of energy that beef up the coalmine workers?