Nagomi-yu in Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu

I did not know that I could eat fried chicken wing of Nagoya style in the hot spring spa in Iwamizawa, Nagomi-yu.  Details are at
but only in Japanese.
I felt in my bones that the fried chicken wings were Nagoya-style established by the Japanese Izakaya group, Sekai-no-Yamachan in Nagoya City, that has many branches all over Japan.

湯元岩見沢温泉 なごみ 岩見沢市志文町345番地1
1, 345 banchi, Shibun-chou, Iwamizawa City
Yumoto Iwamizawa Onsen Nagomi

(TEL) 0126-32-1010
(FAX) 0126-32-1020

Spicy and a little bit sweet flavouring is the characteristics of Nagoya-style fried wing. 

 To be honest, this is before soaking in the
 bath because it was at 21:00 and the spa closes at 23:00. It seemed to be the frozen chicken wing that was warmed up in the microwave oven but it was so nice to have with drought beer that was well-controlled and in the best condition.
 Omelette that contained fried noodle,
yakisoba was also what was warmed up in the microwave oven. I don't recommend this one strongly but for the stuff in the restaurant of the spa, it was not bad to have with cold beer. Other choices are at
The quality of the hot spring water was simple salty water that contained other mineral. Electric bath tub was very popular to take off the stiffness of muscles.
Even in the hard and heavy snow fall, the hot spring spa is like the paradise. Would you soak yourself in the hot spring water that cures the illness of your body in this cold season ?    

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