Yubari-ya Jingisukan!

 by Sorachi Travel Report

There are various kinds of cuisine peculiar to the former coalmine area, such as "Motsu-kushi" which is the skewered & grilled chitterlings of chicken, "Nanko" grilled or boiled chitterlings of horses, which was loved by coalmine workers so much , "Flavoured Jingiskan" which is lamb soaked in the special sauce for a while. Those cuisine, meat and processed meat have the deep relationships with the history and culture of Sorachi area.

We Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government brush up the quality of the products and cuisine and exert our best effort to the sales promotion called "Sorachi Meat Paradise Project" 「空知肉三昧プロジェクト」.

               As part of the sales promotion, the lamb of suffolk sheep, "Yubari-ya Suffolk
 lamb Jingisukan" soaked in the special secret sauce made from Yubari melon and melon brandy was sold in "Kita Kitchen" in the underground promenade of Odori area in Sapporo City.
Usually, it is sold for 1,500 Japanese Yen per 250g. But during the Sorachi Fair in Kita Kitchen, the special price 1,050 Yen was offered. Why don't you miss the chance! I bought it and tried at home.

When I opened the package of the meat, the aroma of the juicy sauce stimulated my appetite so much!

The best point of Jingiskan soaked in the
sauce is that the veggies can be appreciated enough with the sauce that flavoured the lamb.
Sprout, onion, bell pepper and other veggies in the fridge should be thrown into the pot.

What a nice smell and taste. The process to cook the meat is so appetizing and prepare our stomach to accept the culinary delights!
It may be the time to eat.
Mmmmmm, very soft♪
The lamb of suffolk sheep is in the supreme category with its softness and has less fat than other lamb. On top of that, the special sauce that contains ample juice of fruit makes the meat softer and takes the smell peculiar to the meat of sheep!

"Yubari-ya Jingisukan" can be purchased at the roadside station "Yubari Melroad"道の駅「夕張メロード」, each market of JA in Yubari City, and on the web page. Jingisukan Burger and Jingisukan Hot  Dog can be savored at the roadside station in Yubari City.

(有)スーパーフレッシュ , Superfresh, Ltd.
夕張市南清水沢4丁目3番地  3 banchi, 4 chome, Minami Shimizusawa, Yubari City
TEL 0123-53-4130

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