Sapporo in winter 3!

by Kazu

Please just enjoy the so-called "white illumination" in Sapporo City. These photos were taken at Odori Park in Sapporo City. These illuminations of LED light bulbs will be taken away and replaced by huge snow and ice sculptures in the middle of January, in order to prepare for Sapporo Snow Festival that will be held at the beginning of February. 
This year, the new type of illumination was set and is alluring much more people to this area.
Happy Merry Christmas is coming soon and the voltage of enthusiasm in love and party is increasing by leaps and bounds.
My wife gives me the loose leaf calender for filofax every year. I understand that she gives me the time to live with her happily.
I give her tons of Christmas present and birthday present every year but all the present from her to me is this loose leaf calender for next year. Should I require her more
expensive present ? I do not think so. I may be a convenient husband who makes lunch box for the wife everyday and gives foot massage to her every night during I stay with her. That made her much healthier and tough than before. So that is enough for me.  
When we got married, we decided two things. Primary, I have to live longer than her to send her comfortably to the arms of God.
Secondary, she have to accept to be given my foot massage at our bed even after we disputed harshly.
So far, the promises have been kept and we share our lives happily albeit she is having tough time in her M1 year in Hokkaido University. 
I payed for her aesthetic laser treatment to take off her freckles on her face and two laptop computers for her study. Totally,  four hundred thousand Japanese yen had been spent for her from my wallet. What should I give her for Christmas present ?
Ladies, please get such convenient chivalry for your life. Sorry for long mumbling. Please enjoy the arts of LED light bulbs!

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