Hint of the quiz for December 2 !

by Kazu

So far no right answer has reached me.
Then I post the second hint for the quiz.

In 1988, current princes Masako, Ms.Masako OWADA at that time, visited and stayed in this facility for two days in her skiing tour.

In 2003, Emperor of Japan had a lunch at this facility.

The original building of this facility was built in Meiji Era 21 st year and the founder Mr.Yonezou M. was approved to run this facility by the government. This is the start of this facility that take steps with the city where the facility exists.
Originally, Mr.Yonezou M. came from Yamagata Prefecture and set up his base camp at the west bank of the S. River to provide the general contractors developing this area with materials for construction.

Have you got the right answer to the quiz for December?

Please send your guess to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
The first person who has sent the right answer to me get the traditional whole cake of Siena in Italy, Pan Forte shown below. I guarantee the fantabulous taste of this cake!
Have a nice weekend!

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