Asian Fusion Restaurant "Agohige" in Sapporo City!

 by Kazu

It has been a while since I lost my favorite Asian fusion restaurant in Daimaru Department Store in Sapporo City, where I could eat delicious Vietnamese rice noodle soup Pho-ga. But my wife found another Asian restaurant on the street of North 8 in front of the main gate of Hokkaido University.
The name of the restaurant is "Asian Kitchen AGO-HIGE"
which means beard in Japanese. This "Gappao", Thai fried spicy rice was so nice!   
The flavour of this pork rib rice was a little bit different from Japanese one but so nice and tasty. Of course, hot and spicy!
The rice noodle was made by the chef of this restaurant and the noodle is more elastic than the normal Pho Ga because the chef uses the rice powder made from the rice crop harvested in Hokkaido. The chicken soup ,and the herb served before this bowl was so nice to have with special spicy minced pork.
Every time I came back from the foreign countries on my travel with my wife, we had this kinds of Vietnamese rice noodle soup in Ottawa.
It's very good to have after binge drinking or hard schedule of our business life because it is so natural and soft for our stomach. It may be a kind of rest for our body!
Please try and check out the quality of this Vietnamese noodle soup!