Art Exhibition in the promenade of Sapporo City!

by Kazu

To be honest, I am completely lost in the world of art.
Now that you can see the works of art made by the students of Sapporo City University, please walk through the underground promenade that connects JR Sapporo Station and Odori area of Sapporo City.
This is the bridge-like art that can be seen if you enter the promenade from the north, JR Sapporo Station side.
I think the motif of the work is the shaft tower of coalmine. The wheels are to wind up the wire of elevators.
Professor Katouno who leads the faculty of art in the university gives us the good support for revitalizing the former coalmine area that is shrinking in Sorachi sub-prefectural area by planning and executing the art exhibition in the ruin of coalmine-related buildings and facilities.
The title of this work is "Factory".
The art is made by Mr.Daichi Wakao. This discription in Japanese said, " The factory generated the energy that supported the lives of people. The motif is the shaft tower of Ponbetsu Coalmone in Mikasa City. If you move the crank of the tower, the work moves and the sound of "pon!" expresses the name of "Pon-betsu". 
This old book is one of the work of art but it seemed to be the real book written by Professor Katouno. Stacks of the same books expresses something.
This birches are called "Joshua Tree" by which the light of happiness is expressed.

The name of this art is "Heart☆full". The artist who made this work said, " The world we are living is filled with dark and heavy news. Something can be changed even in this world by the little efforts exerted by all the people on this globe. The most important thing is never to give up."
The stars on the wall can be raised up by pushing the pump for bicycle beside the projector. After continuing to pump and inject the air, the stars can be changed to the heart marks that will fill up the wall. 
The name of this work is "Sound Mirror."
The artist who made it said,"What is the intangible existence in this world? This Sound Mirror is the work to make the sound that can not be seen tangible."

This work is also make some kinds of sounds tangible like in the comic books.
I am not sure what is expressed with these masked kid dolls. I am beginning to be lost with this art and said to myself, " Don't think. Just feel it!
These are not the temples of Thailand but the motif may be those temples.
This work is made of utensils, pots and cups.
Something like Asian lantern is under the table of Thai temples.
Other than that, please feel and share the image of the artists. Just feel it!

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