From dark till dawn in Iwamizawa!

 by Kazu

This is the patisserie in Iwamizawa, "Maple Club" run by Red Ribbon that I introduced before but at night. It is decorated beautifully with LED light bulbs. A bright tunnel is in front of the entrance of the patisserie.
The temperature is minus 6 degrees
in Celsius.
Slippery road makes me dance while I am jogging around this area.
So far we have less snow than we had last year. Sapporo City and northern part of Sorachi has much more snow at this moment.  Iburi sub-prefectural area and Soya sub-prefectural area experienced power down brought by blizzard last week and many people were evacuated to city hall and gymnasium to avoid frozen night. After this power down, so many people purchased portable stoves that does not need electric power that some home center ran out of such kinds of stoves. Portable power generators are in high demand now.

Even after the dark and cold night,  the sun rises with the coldest moment of minus 10 degrees at dawn. Everything starts with the vibe of life albeit some creatures are still in the sleep of winter. Many hawks were at the same tree on January first of 2012 in Iwamizawa City. What will happen at the beginning of next year?  Have a nice weekend and happy merry Christmas! Next hint of the quiz for December will be posted tomorrow.

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