Chip Yuuyu in Chippubetsu Town !

by Kazu

This is where the farmers in Cippubetsu Town hang out and mingle with each other in winter. "Chippu Yuuyu" is the name of this hotel and spa. The number of visitors to this spa is declining year by year. The municipality of Chippubetsu developed the area to live and is selling it for only one Japanese Yen per 1 square meter. Many people are interested in this offer and eight of ten areas have been sold successfully.

My superior Mr. Takeda is longing for the days to spend his time in winter in such warm and comfortable space like the farmers. The floor of this building is warmed up with the hot water of the hot spring. Lying on the tatami floor after soaking in the hot spring bath is a ideal situation to beef up the immune system of our body. On top of that, it is also good for our mental system in this day and age of harsh dog-eat-dog competition. 
The warm carpet leads to the spa area. Soaking yourself in the bath and having a rest on the warm floor again and again give you
the second and third wing to fly.
An old clock welcomes you all at the entrance of this hotel and spa.
Game corner is the must in Japanese hot spring spa and it earns a lot in this facility.

Black soy beans called "Kuro Sengoku" are so high in polyphenol that they got popular by leaps and bounds.

It may be difficult to compete with the soy beans raised in other countries but the polyphenol they contain might be a cutting edge to grab the hearts of consumers.
Normal soy beans also have the polyphenol but the black soy beans "Kuro Sengoku" are unbeatable in the amount of polyphenol.

The souvenir shop is filled with the food and items sourced locally.

Potato Chippubetsu is the brand new food and the photo of "Rose Garden in Chippubetsu" is on the package. Today's lunch is "Katsu-don set". It is 840 Japanese yen. A buckwheat noodle soup and salad accompanies with Katsu-don. You can stay in this facility all day long. What a comfortable paradise it is!
Please visit this hotel and spa and refresh your body and soul!

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