Would you have pheasant meat in Iwamizawa?

by Sorachi Travel Report
Winter has come and the cold wind in this season makes us allured by Japanese fire pot cuisine so much for dinner.
"Work Tsukasa" that raises and sells pheasants in Iwamizawa City, began to exert an effort to sell the raw meat of pheasant on top of  selling smoked pheasant and sausages this year.
Firepot of pheasant and grilled pheasant can be savored in "KIJIMARUKUN" run by "Work Tsukasa" in the outskirts of Iwamizawa City but now that the raw meat of pheasant can be purchased here, delicious pheasant pot can be tasted easily at home;)

 The chief chef recommends strongly the plain fire pot of pheasant to appreciate enough the original taste of pheasant. Pick up a slice of pheasant meat and soak it for a few seconds in the broth made by boiling the bones and the leftovers after taking of the meat of pheasant.
And flavour the slice of pheasant meat with salt and pepper or citrus juice called "Pon-zu". It's so nice to eat with deep taste, sweetness and appropriate elasticity of the meat itself.

The meat of pheasant is sold for 4,200 Japanese yen per one kilo gram usually but "the special gift set" composed of a half pheasant(200g)×2, sliced meat(200g)×1 , minced meat ×1 can be available for 3,200 Japanese yen, on first-come, first-served basis and the number of the sets are limited. It's better to select this set even for your dinner!

Other than that, the special set composed of smoked pheasant, sausages and other processed pheasant meat can be available for gift and yourself.
To thank enough the person who gave you good support this year or for the party you will throw, would you try the gift set of pheasant meat?

"Work Tsukasa"
Address:2, 604 banchi, Hinode-chou, Iwamizawa City
TEL 0126-22-1442
FAX 0126-22-1460

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