Hint of the quiz for Decembe 4!

by Kazu

So far no right answer has reached me.
I can not send the Christmas present to the winner of the quiz.

Then I post the fourth hint.

Now that the restaurant on the ground floor in the facility of the quiz is offering such kinds of lunch and dinner

Stellar ☆lunch  ¥1,800(including tax)
  Amuse   Soup & pie
  Appetizer   Coctail of avocado and tuna
  Pasta      Spaghetti of house-made
                         smoked salmon and veggie
  Main dish   Fricasse'e of scallop and shrimp
                        Sauteed chicken with cranberry sauce
  Dolce     Mini roll cake bush de Noel
          House-made bread & coffee
Nave☆lunch・dinner ¥3,500(including tax)
 *reservation is required for lunch
  Amuse   Soup &pizza
  Appetizer  hors-d'oeuvre (two kinds of the day)
  Pasta    Spaghetti of shrimp and root of lilly
                       with tomato Americane
  Main dish  Grilled crab meat and white fish
                        flavoured with sea urchin
                        Marin'e of roasted lamb with herb
  Dolce    Chocolate mousse & fruit tarte
          House-made bread & coffee

Have you got it?
Please send your guess to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
The first person who has sent the right answer to me get the traditional whole cake of Siena in Italy, Pan Forte shown on the right.
 I guarantee the fantabulous taste of this cake!
It is good to have it with red wine.

Again, where are these illuminated Christmas trees?

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