Winner of the quiz for December!

by Kazu
The illuminated trees are in front of the Hotel named "MIURA KAEN" in Takikawa City,
Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido!
Details of the facility is at
The winner of the quiz is****************
Fatinnadiah in Malaysia!???? Congratulations!

The present to the winner in December is "Pan Forte", the traditional whole cake of Siena in Italy but I don't  think it is appropriate to send the cake to you in Malaysia.  Is it acceptable for you Fatinnadiah to receive the coupon worth 3,000 Japanese yen issued by credit card company? 

If it is OK, please send me the address in secret to send the coupon for you  to ikeda.kazuaki@pre.hokkaido.lg.jp ;)    

Thank you very much for attention and sending me the right answer.
It may be a special treat of December because you are living not in Japan but in Malaysia.
But because I really appreciate your attendance to this blog, I would like to send you the present. 

The very best of happiness for you!
I pray for your good health, happiness and success in 2013.
I will be waiting for your response to send the present!
Kazuaki IKEDA
Director, Regional Policy Division
Local Policy Planning Department,
SORACHI Sub-prefectural Office,
Hokkaido Government


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  2. Dear Kazu / sorachiseko,

    Thank you for the prize. I appreciate it. I've never been there yet - Hotel Miura Kaen in Takikawa City. Hope I will visit there one day.

    Is it mind if I give you my house address? If possible, here is my house address :

    No. 136, Lorong Nenas 4a,
    Taman Nenas,
    Kulim, Kedah.

    Thank you.


    Khairun Fatinnadiah bt. Ahmad Fooat
    ( http://kuacilifegirl.blogspot.com )