Hint of the quiz for December 3 !

by Kazu
So far no right answer has reached me.
Is it too difficult this time?

Then I post the third hint.

The municipality where the facility exists is exert an effort to promote sky sports.

The facility has played a roll as the venue of wedding, parties and various kinds of meetings for a century. The well-established facility has taken steps with the citizen of the city.

Please send your guess to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
The first person who has sent the right answer to me get the traditional whole cake of Siena in Italy, Pan Forte shown below. I guarantee the fantabulous taste of this cake!
Have a great weekend and happy merry Christmas!
                                                                                                Adding to the hint above, the facility has a nice Italian restaurant that serve the dishes shown below on the ground floor.                                                                         
 It also has an excellent Japanese restaurant on the third floor that serves the dishes above. Have you got it?

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