Collapsed with tons of snow !

by Kazu

In Iwamizawa City, some vacant residences and shops collapsed under the weight of the snow. Nobody is in the building but some people fell down from the roof or were hit by the block of snow from the roof and died.
Mr. Suematsu, Vice minister of Cabinet Office took the fact seriously and visited Iwamizawa City and Mikasa City to face the fact. 
Short press fishing has been done after the pilgrimage but it shows the level of the local press and there is no striking question from the press.
The owner or the heir of the building has not been found so far. It is facing the parking area of the restaurant FUJI which provides with very nice pork cutlet. No fear of fire and gas wxplosion so far, but the debris should be taken away as soon as possible for the citizens.
Greenhouses also collapsed and the seedbeds in the greenhouses were damaged.
Each of the greenhouse for rice crop, veggies or fruit is different from each other speaking of the quality of the soil. So it isvery difficult to change the site of the greenhouse and the plan itself.  
Hokkaido Government is discussing the arrangement of actual helping hand or fund inside the door.

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