Events in April, 2012

by Regional Policy Division, Local Policy Planning Dpt., SORACHI Sub-prefectural Office
・April 14(Sat.)-15(Sun.) :KOBAYASHI Sake Brewering Company will hold a sake celler festival and
                                        TANITA Confection Company will make a millet cake festival at
                                        the same time in Kuriyama Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.
                                        Both of two companies are well-founded and will arrange the guided tour in sake
                                       celler and confection factory where the visitors can see the process of making
                                       Visitors can enjoy tasting various kinds of sake and non-alcohol sweet sake in
                                       KOBAYAHI Brewering Company and millet cakes in TANITA Confection
                                       Company gratis (for free of charge) before purchasing thier products.
                                       Temporary parking area will be set in each area in the town and will be connected
                                       by shuttle buses driven by the municipality of Kuriyama.
                                       The venue of the festival is 10 minutes walk from Kuriyama JR Station.

・April 20(Fri.)-22(Sun.): Orchid Festival 2012 will be held in Akabira City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area,
                                       It is the biggest Orchid Festival in Hokkaido where various kinds of orchids will be
                                       collected from all over the island and exhibited in the same venue. Orchids sale,
                                       special seminar for growing orchids and drawing for presenting moth orchid will be
                                       arranged in the gymnasium of the municipality.
・April 28(Sat.)-30(Mon.): YUNI Garden opening festival and cherry blossoms festival will be held in   
                                        YUNI Garden, YUNI Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. 
                                        On first come first given basis, 102 visitors will be presented the seeds of flowers.
                                        Of course, the cherry blosoms and other flowers will be waiting for you!


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