Shiretoko Beauty!

by Kazu

It is so difficult to select the MVP of this month because there has been very few contributions of articles with photos from Sorachi sub-prefectural area and other part of Japan but just few from the United States have been contributed to this blog site so far.
As I mentioned before, Japanese sake "ARABASHIRI" brewed up by Kobayashi Brewery is the present to the MVP of this month.
At this moment, nobody is entitled to this present and it is very difficult to send this bottle to the  United States.
 Just one or two contributions with photos may be worth of this present in this situation. Every expatriates may be so busy at the end of Japanese fiscal year. I should change the present to the MVP of coming April, shouldn't I ?
If anybody could give me a comment on what kind of item should be selected as a present to the MVP of April, I would appreciate it so much !

Above is the photo of Mt.Rausu(1660m) in Shiretoko area, Okhotsk sub-prefectural area. It will take a month to see the mountain from the top of Shiretoko Pass between Route 334 and 335.
 Righthand side is one of the Northern Territory of Japan called Kuril Islands in English, Kunashiri Island that can be seen from the top of Shiretoko Pass. Currently those islands are under the control of Russia but they can be made the most of for both nation Russian and Japanese, and other nations, if a productive cooperation will be arranged and committed between Russia and Japan.
I believe  we can make it and those twin objectives can be realized by the young leadres of two nations. 
Hot spring water fall KAMUIWAKKA is the most popular spot to visit now in Shiretoko area even after the exploring to the blue pool to enjoy the long soak was prohibited because of the fear of falling rocks after landslides caused by heavy rainfall.
The flowing hot water with high level of pH is very sour and rusts metals.
The center part of this river is easier to walk because the quality and temperature of the flowing water fend off the water moss and weed that make th riverbed slippery. 
 This is the sign of prohibition on entering dangerous area of the headwaters. Only 20 minutes walk from the parking area near the foot of waterfall brings you to this point. Before, approximately 1 hour trekking can be enjoyable in this river to the blue pool to soak in.
Something went out of balance on the upper side.
After enjoying trekking, we should wolf down the gift from the sea at Utoro area on the northern side of Shiretoko Peninsula where many restaurants and inns are florishing. Among them, a diner run by the wives group of Fishermans Association in Utoro area is a big draw. Literally it is like a hole-in-the-wall which has a little space for guests.
The high season of tourism in Hokkaido will start in a month. Instead of bulk tour, individual private tourism is in nowadays. Please keep "safety drive" without shuteye at the helm;)
Again, the articles with photos of Hokkaido will be appreciated so much. Email address is
ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp  .