Coalmine Heritage Management Center

by Kazu

This is where the icebreaking party of winery and vineyard owners was held as I described last week.
This gallery is owned by a merchant and used as a warehouse of his shop. The building is made of block stones and its insude is so comfortable to stay for hours even in summer without air-conditioner.
As the name of this facility shows, it has many kinds  of heritage of coalmine industry in the shape of photos, models and gadgets which were actually used under the ground.
This is the skelton model of the buildings in coalmine area. It was made up by a former coalmine worker.
A variety of buildings are exhibited in the gallery.
This is the model of the shaft and gallery of a coalmine in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

This is the shaft tower of coalmine.
This is the model of railway system for carrying coal.
Tangible and intangible heritage of coalmines are collected in this facility. Please visit the gallery and its web site :http//www.soratan.com/.  
 Mrs.Maeda will explain about the history of coalmines in Hokkaido in English.                                           

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