Longing for cherry blossoms in Hakodate.

by Kazu

It will take one and half month to enjoy drinking beer, Japanese sake and spirits under the cherry blossoms in Hokkaido.
In Hakodate City, the southern end of the island, at the end of April, Goryoukaku area is filled with tourists and citizens loving cherry bloosoms blooming in the air

Many groups set the blue plastic sheets to show that they will throw a party under cherry blossoms on the site.
Only this season it is permitted to do BBQ or other kinds of cooking in the park.
In Japan, cherry blossoms are the symbol of reincarnation and hidden passion of females. 
On occasion, it is said that the deadbody of females are under the roots of some cherry trees in the horror stories  in Japan.
As males we should not cull the power of females and should give the best support to develop our nations including people in Hokkaido.
We have so much snow in this winter in Sorachi sub-prefectural area that we have to exert our efforts to avoid flood in coming spring and summer as we experienced in 1981. We have to protect our lovers and kids .

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